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“Twelve More From Above”


“Glory to God Most High”
If we truly want peace there must be change

“Our Peace”                
We must learn to live in the present for find our future

“World Peace”
Peace has to be a unified effort

We must learn to think in terms of more than just ourselves

“Peace in Unity”
It’s to bad the innocent have to make the ultimate sacrifice for those who have been raised to hate

“The Sales Program”
What can I say? No one is perfect that’s why we have the seven Sacraments

“ Imagine”
Imagination made possible

“An Open Letter for Christmas 2008”
We must never be afraid to voice the truth

“The Meaning of Christmas
Is reality Life and Peace as one
The good news

“A Seasonal Thought”
Living in unity equals peace

“A Prayer”
What we should all seek ­ Mercy


Thanks be to God

Thu Shadow