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The Meaning of Christmas


 “It’s not the world according to you or I
But the world according to Christ in Triune
And when we as a civilization realize this
There will be life and peace among all Nations.”

You can’t have one without the other
Life and Peace are one since the beginning of time
When will civilization come to this realization
Only when pride and self indulgence become a thing of the past
We must walk humbly with our God
Then His mercy will become the Grace we all seek
And life and peace will become one
Then psalms 85: 7-14 will become a reality
And we as a civilization will finally have come to the realization
Of what it’s like to be touched by Heaven
Then Christmas will finally have become what it was meant to be ---a reality

The Doorkeeper

Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and everyone.