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A Vision for Peace  


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The first part of the vision will be to change the world through prayer and meditation by reading and praying from the book I wrote, “Peace from the Sands of Time”. Also praying the Mysteries of the Rosary, the chaplet of divine mercy, and praying before the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. 

The second part of this vision is to apply for aid from non-profit organizations and corporations looking for legal tax write-offs.  

The third part of this vision is how to keep the support of these benefactors. One way we will be doing this is through a monthly newsletter explaining how their funds are being utilized and how these benefactors will benefit financially. We will be doing this through motivational retreats for their executives and employees to help them improve their profit margins. By continuing to improve their businesses and profit margins, they continue to support our goal for World Peace. 

Part four of the vision:

Ecumenism: getting along with other religious beliefs in order to create a better world for the common good of all. We must learn to communicate without war, and use common sense and stop abusing natural law. 

Part five of the vision:

To promote retreats for the use of all faiths, marriage retreats to help preserve the unity of the institution of marriage, as it should be between a man and woman, and youth retreats to continue building a spiritual foundation for our blossoming young adults. Without Morals and God, there is chaos. A world void of life. 

Consequently, we’ll begin at the bottom, and from there, work upward. 

My vision is simple build a better foundation to begin with.

And you will change the world.

A world of peace.

At Peace

Is better than a world of grief.

That we have to deal with now

By changing the way the world does business

Economic tensions will fade

Hunger and war will disappear

And peace will become real 

The Door Keeper

A Special Thanks

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Knights of Columbus, Council # 12287 and Father Adrian Pleus for continued prayers and professional support for which we are proud to be members.

A very special thank you to May Construction and Andy May and his whole staff. Your colored rendering helps to bring my vision to light. Bill and I are looking forward to working with you and your staff on the Oratory for World Peace project. May God’s graces rain down upon all of you and
fulfill you’re every dream.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year to all

Vivat Jesus

Jim Barnes

Door Keeper Jim Barnes

Bill  Gilbert

Assistant Door Keeper Bill Gilbert

The Oratory for World Peace Project

The Oratory for World Peace is a vision given to me through much prayer and a book I wrote, entitled “Peace from the Sands of Time”. My prayer is that I will be able to complete this work before my eternal calling. There are also plans for a future building for prayer and reflection. Please continue to check our web site for monthly progress updates showing the interior of the Oratory for World Peace.

In order for me to proceed, I must first help raise money for our Church, St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Dallas, GA. We are a small parish with a big vision, for expansion of the church and to add an educational building as well. In our Growing in Grace Campaign, we need to raise two million dollars as soon as possible. Raising this money will enable us to begin work on a project that will change the world forever: The Oratory for World Peace. Please make all checks payable to St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church, marking funds for the Growing in Grace Campaign. Maybe if the contributions are large enough, you may be able to talk Fr. Adrian out of one his new DVD’s that he and five other priests collaborated on together, entitled, Bread of Life , which I highly recommend.

There will be a monthly newsletter informing you as to the progress of this campaign and when the needed funds have been raised. I look forward to working with you on the future of our World. So please, let’s get this first campaign over with quickly, and then we can begin to secure a safer and better world for our children through The Oratory for World Peace.

St. Vincent De Paul Church
680 West Memorial Drive
Dallas, GA 30132